Matthew’s Class

October 2010. Less than 3 months before we say goodbye to 2010.

And goodbye to Matthew’s Nursery 1 class. 2011 would mark the official start to compulsory education for Matthew, though he has been with the school since he was 18 months old he probably wouldn’t know the difference.

Some photos of Matthew’s Nursery 1 class taken during Sports Day on 30 Sep 2010:

The pretty train-photos of the children in Leo Lionni’s Nursery 1. 7 other carriages followed suit.

Matthew’s classroom. The teachers have put in alot of effort ot decorate it with lots of art pieces from the children.

The Chinese language corner. They were learning about facial expressions and showing concern to their friends via the Love Tree.

Matthew’s happy face.

Matthew’s impression of Marley the dog. Note: the dog’s face is to the left.

The school gave each child a photo jigsaw puzzle as Children’s Day gift. The teachers gave each child a goodie bag. On Children’s Day itself, the school had a party for the children. Sweet. Thank you!

No, Matthew does not learn this in his regular school, but in his other school on Sundays. Quite an adorably short ninja huh?


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