Sports Day 30 Sept 2010

Matthew’s school held their Sports Day on the eve of Children’s Day, a commendable way to begin celebrations of Children’s Day.

Here are some highlights of the event (of course Matthew was my highlight):

1 Nursery 2 kid pairing up with a Nursery 1 kiddo to race from and back to the starting line before passing on the hula hoop to another pair. Fastest team wins. Matthew was dragged most of the way as he was very distracted.

The other Nursery 1 competition was walking as fast as possible from and back to the starting line while balancing a rubber egg in a ladle. With the speed Matthew was running, you’d have thought it was a sprint instead. Reason why he could run so fast: he held onto the egg tightly with his other hand, blatantly flouting the rules of the race.

If not for the rain and the parents fussing excessively over their kids, and the brawling kids because their parents were there, the event would have been a success. Well, things cannot be perfect. Overall, the event was a good way to foster bonding between the parents and children. Too much bonding, if you ask me, but oh well…


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