Where’s MaMa?

I’ve always wondered what goes through the minds of my kids when they have the first few encounters with the telephone.

I imagine questions like “What is that thing on my ear?”, “Why does my MaMa’s voice come out of this thing but I don’t see her?” would form in their heads . That is, if such questions are formed in their young minds.

These are memories I would always treasure, talking to my kids over the telephone.

It all started when Matthew came under the care of my mum. Matthew was just 5 months old then, and in order to put my mind at ease that all was well at home, my mum would call me at work. Then she’d put the receiver to Matthew’s ear and I’d have a monologue with him.

In the beginning, it was always silence at the other end. But my mum described Matthew’s reaction as “slack-jawed, silent and surprised”.

Then slowly, it became nodding in silence at the other end. Singular words in reply. Short phrases. Incomplete sentences.

Now, Matthew would talk in full sentences in his high-pitched, girly voice, describing the events of the day. But he no longer calls me at work. I kind of miss that. My mum doesn’t have the time to call me now, as the two little monsters will be demanding different (or the same) things at different (or same) times.

For Megan, it is more like an accelerated path. 1 phone call a few months back was a monologue with the same “surprised” look. Then another call ended with her trying to eat the receiver. She ran away from the third call.

Yesterday, and the fourth call in 17 months, 3 weeks and 6 days, she could finally say 5 words! With much prompting in the background, Megan managed to coyly say “Hi…..MaMa…..Bye Bye”

Those were precious, beautiful words I’ve been waiting for the longest time. Plus the fact she was extra shy and her voice was sweeter than usual. I’ll remember that moment for a long time to come.

Simple acts of comfort that keep me sane from the daily grinds of parenthood…


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