We’re all Down

First it was Matthew. Again. Persistent cough, followed by 3 spots at the back of the throat. Gasp, it’s the dreaded HFMD again. The spots disappeared  after 3 days and we thought everything would be back to normal.

Alas, we were so wrong. Matthew became super cranky and whiny. “I want, I don’t want” and “I have nothing” became his slogans at a speed of 48 times per minute. He had loose stools, and uncontrollable bowel movements. We went on a underwear- and bum-washing frenzy for a week. This was in addition to infrequent vomitting without prior warning. We also went into clothes- and floor-washing mode for a few days.

Just when the nightmarish week was coming to an end, I came down with fever and am still nursing a bad sore throat and cough. These terrible, all-mighty bugs nowadays are so persistent!

It was my mum’s turn to be sick. Then Megan lost the long-standing battle and is also down with fever and a stuffy nose. Poor gal, she’s always the favourite victim. Hope all this early exposure will help her boost her immunity in preparation for attending school come January…


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