All About Megan

The second-born doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the first born, does it? At least, that’s true in our case. Every time we try to give Megan a little more attention, Matthew would act up, usually in the wrong way. So, in order not to be on the receiving end of Matthew’s petty, attention-vying antics, we have no choice to not be so obvious in giving Megan the love she deserves.

Nevertheless, Megan is growing up into a feisty little girl, doing things her safety-first brother does not have the inclination to do like-wise.

Her favourite activity – to climb from the floor into her high chair in 5 seconds. Climbing back out to end up back on the floor takes twice as long though.

Staking her territory.

Any place can become her playground, and leading her brother astray. The amount of noise the 2 little ones produce can blow out our ear drums.  

Quieter Megan-moments include taking possession of my mobile phone,

Parading in her cool (hand-me-down) shades,

Showing off her hip hop image. No dance moves to accompany the look, unfortunately.

And trying hard to hug her huge Dora doll, which she affectionately calls Oohwa.

2 kids, same parents, very different personalities and ‘talents’. How much more exciting can life get…


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