3 Drawers of Possessions

An old lady has been visiting old folks’ homes, selecting one which would eventually become her permanent home for the rest of her life.  She finally chooses one, but is devastated when told she only has a chest of 3 drawers for all her worldly possessions at her new home.

This was an article I read recently. I was then posed with this question: If you only have a chest of 3 drawers for all your possessions, what would you put in them?

If you’re able to answer this question, you’d know what’s important to you, the person who posed this question to me said. I still don’t know the answer to this question though, he admitted.

I can answer this question, maybe because I haven’t seen as much suffering as he has, or gone through life as much as he has. Maybe my answer will change later on. Or maybe technology just makes it easier.

Here goes mine:

  1. Top drawer: A laptop and its power plug. For me to continue writing and chronologically record my life in this blog.
  2. 2nd drawer: 5 750GB external hard drives to store photos of my family so I can remember them, and an electronic reader for me to read and read.
  3. Last drawer: A notebook. When I can no longer remember how to operate the electronic gadgets in the first 2 drawers, I wish I will retain the ability to write. And 2 pens, just in case 1 runs out of ink.

The above possessions are based on the assumption that I still retain the use of my eyes though. If this ability should desert me 1 day, I hope there would still be someone who’ll be my eyes and pen.

What would be in your chest of 3 drawers? I’m interested to know…  



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