Club Med Bintan Getaway

No, not The Man and I. Though on hindsight we should have gone to Bintan ALONE.

Anyway, this was the first time the four of us have gone away from Singapore for a vacation. A 3D2N stay at Club Med Bintan was generally a good bonding time for our family. Although we never tried any of their activities and only visited the pool twice and the beach once. Meals were hurried, stressful and highly unenjoyable. Exhausted as we were, we did bring back some good memories of our trip.

One of the 2 adjoining rooms we stayed in. Matthew immediately claimed the cot as his.

I was not joking. Matthew really slept in the cot for the 2 nights we were there.

Matthew joined the Petit Club the next day. Unfortunately it was raining the whole of Friday and all the kids had to stay indoors.

Despite the rain, the weather was superb and the view excellent from where we sipped our watered down alcoholic beverages.

Megan, in the absence of her GorGor, was less whiny and more playful. And she had both our attention.

We spent alot of time indoors at the main restaurant. This was the Man and Megan having fun with an animated spoon while we had our second breakfast.

At the Terrace restaurant for a late afternoon meal. That was also where we caught sight of 2 rainbows (very faint one on the left)  in the sky.

All too soon, good fun must come to an end. Till the next time!



  1. felicia

    So tiring to bring 2 kids right?? We went on a trip with my in laws and it was still veri tiring.Gosh…I hoping to go on a trip to somewhere during ths coming hols. Dun think wan to bring Ashlynn coz wan to bond with Andrelle. Duno how the 2 can zz together in the same room. All their fighting at times can be really tiring on us.Andrelle zz so early compared to us. Still not yet book trip….aiyo….trips now r no longer the same as b4.

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