Elevator Etiquette

Or the lack of it seems to be the socially accepted norm nowadays.

A typical start to the work day for me goes like this: I arrive at the lift lobby trying to look and breathe normally, having  walked up slope 500 metres to my office on a hill from the bus stop.

While regaining my breath, I stay behind the main crowd of people eager to get to work. Well, I’m assuming these people are so passionate about their work that they would jostle others to save a few seconds and getting to work earlier.

These enthusiatic people would then proceed to rush to get through the door of the elevator, but once 1 foot gets in, these same enthusiastic people a moment ago slow down significantly. And the moment they press the button to the desired floor, they walk right into the depths of the elevator without bothering to hold the door open. That leaves others to concentrate on getting into the elevator, and distracted by the fear of the door closing on them.

I took a while to aclimatise to the revised elevator etiquette, but I’m past being annoyed nowadays. In fact I get surprised everytime someone else other than myself actually holds the door open now. A rare surprise, but a pleasant one nevertheless…


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