The More We Play Together

Life is finally back to normal, or is it?

The kids have recovered physically from their bout of HFMD, and so has the Man. But now Matthew and the Man (yes, again) are now coughing their lungs out from a mysterious bug that could have come from anywhere. Because Matthew purposely coughed in Megan’s face 2 days ago, I’m crossing my fingers she’ll be not be the third victim. Speaking of which, my lungs feel kind of funny right now…

I digress. As the kids are growing up, they seem to be getting more and more comfortable having each other around, and other than the usual bickering and shoving and pushing and snatching of toys, it is quite heartwarming to see them spend time together.


Scribbling together as both cannot draw

Shopping together but in separate compartments.

Fighting to be on the mini motorbike. It is so rare to find a 20 cents kiddy ride nowadays!

Almost forgot – I’m more worried about Megan now that Matthew is attending Taekwondo classes. With the way she was raring to go while watching her GorGor in action, I wonder why they only have classes from 3yo onwards…


One comment

  1. Sui Lee

    Hi Ann,

    Finally, got re-acquainted with your blog 🙂 Hope all’s well at home. Your kids are really sweet! Well, now I completely understand how you feel about being a parent and a mother, haha. Keep up the good work!

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