Prison Break

The air became thick. I found myself trying hard to draw air into my lungs.

As I tried hard to inhale the cold air, I could not control myself any longer.

I burst out laughing. Deep, belly laughs escaped my body. Soon, my entire body was shaking from the effort to contain the laughter.

It was the only time in the week I gave in to laughter. And the only time I had proper adult conversations. I was not at home with the kids, caring for the Man. I was free!

It was a badly needed break. Even though I was not out enjoying myself. Rather, I went back to the office to have my appraisal done. It was nothing more than formality, but the short stint back at the office did wonders to my sanity.

I was close to losing it, cooped up at home with only the four walls and the equally bored and frustrated kid.

I was nervous, I did not speak my mind. Later on, my colleagues and I had verbal diarrhoea and laughed over what we said, which I have forgotten now.

It is no longer important. What is important was the break from insanity, which restored my sanity, and I was recharged enough to go back to my family, to care for them once again. The wonders of a break…


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