Home Quarantine

It is Day 2 of the home quarantine for Matthew and already I want out.

I have never professed to be excellent mummy-material and I would never attain nirvana even if I spend the rest of my life trying hard to be what I am not.

In fact, I am increasing having doubts in my mind that I am suited to be somebody’s mummy in the first place, let alone 2. Here’s why:

  1. I can’t stand NOISE. Loud, high-pitched and incesssant types are the worst. And BOTH my kids are exceptionally capable of delivering just the right amount and more to irritate the hell out of me.
  2. Call me weird, but I can’t stand the touch of another human being. Little, inevitable contact is fine by me, but not insistent and prolonged contact. Like I don’t understand why Matthew needs to plant his entire arm and leg length against mine while he watches TV on our beds. Or he has to rest his foot on my thigh… Anyway you get the drift.
  3. I am a  serious person most of the time. When I get funny, I make people laugh. But my sense of humour is lost on a 3-yo, and his on mine.
  4. I have little patience, especially so when I’m already in a bad mood. Coaxing a cranky and fussy child to eat or drink drains Little Miss Nice out of me in a jiffy.
  5. I have more of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in me than I care to admit. I have been washing my hands with soap after every contact with Matthew these 2 days.
  6. I love peace and quiet, and I’m perfectly fine left alone for LONG periods of time, not talking to anybody. Unfortunately, my kids never leave me alone. And nowadays, Matthew never ceases to ask “Why why why” and Megan goes “Uh uh uh” all the time.

I think enough’s said about how my personality clashes with being a good parent. And I probably have to thank the home quarantine to re-ignite my ability to write…


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