Lost Count

We’ve lost count of the number of weekends of fun-filled activities and outings. This weekend we’re confined to the house though, because Matthew is down with HFMD.

Here are some happy photos of last weekend though:

Matthew’s rare daring moment – sitting on the roof of our car. After a hearty and happy breakfast at Hatched.

At Sophie’s first birthday party. This photo depicts how the siblings are at times – complete with screaming and hitting at each other. When will all this stop…

Matthew having much fun with hoarding all the balloons. This was before his meltdown just before we left.

At Ian’s first birthday party. While other kids were having fun with all the toys, Megan was enjoying a nerdy moment with her BaBa. She repeated took off the cap of the mineral bottle, went through the motion of sipping from the bottle, then replaced the cap.

That was last weekend. This weekend is different, and will take some getting used to. Hope Matthew recovers soon, and Megan will be spared the agony…


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