Weekend Frenzy

Another great weekend of fun, what more can we ask for? We’re contented.

A rare moment of sweet sibling love. Matthew holding Megan’s hand before flying off with YeYe and NaiNai to Hard Rock Hotel Penang for the weekend.

We brought Megan for some pole dancing lessons in GorGor’s absence. Nah, actually, we were gorging ourselves with delicious food at the Singapore Food Expo, while she took a break from sampling all we ate. But this was after we visited the Popular Fair and John Little sales at the adjacent exhibition halls.

After a long day of shopping, we brought Megan for her first swim the next day; this was her eyeing the cakes after the tiring splash around.

To Resorts World Sentosa for some sight-seeing in the afternoon.

Bubble fun at the comfort of home the next day.

Then it was an excellent lunch and movie date for us, before heading to the airport to pick Matthew up.

Bye bye extended weekend, hello work days. We are, however, looking forward to another enjoyable weekend ahead. Until then…


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