Busy Weekend

We had a special weekend this week, with the trip to the Jurong Bird Park and the Musems.

First it drizzled, then it poured. The trip to the Bird Park was cut short because of the rain, but we enjoyed it while it lasted, with PoPo and Ah Yi too.

The ride on the Panorail was the most fun and blissful. Safe from the mosquitoes and the heat.

The drummer boy and gal enjoyed making some after-lunch music, while nursing multiple mosquito bites, despite the protection.

International Museum Day. Free entry to all museums, not to mention loads of activities lined up for the older children, from what we saw at the National Museum of Singapore. We also visited the Asian Civilisations Museum, but there were just too much to see and learn. We’ll be back another day!

Wake up recruit! We should be going that way, do you hear me?

To end off  the weekend, the kids had loads of fun at their grandparents’ placeWe had fun facilitating the fun and laughing ourselves silly over the kids’ antics. Look forward to another fun-filled weekend of family bliss…


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