Mother’s Day 2010

It was Friday night, 2 days from Mothers’ Day. I had to work late that night, and arrived home just before nine pm. All was quiet when I let myself into the house. 

Just as I was trying to be as quiet as possible thinking that Matthew might have turned in for the night, I heard Matthew’s voice  coming towards me from the room. “Happy Mothers’ Day, MaMa!!” he roared. Soon after, ths little dynamo of a son came crashing into my legs to give me a tight hug.

“MaMa, look, I made this for you in school.” It became apparent that Matthew was waiting up for me in order to present me with the gifts he made in school under the teachers’ supervision. 

When I set eyes on the painted heart-shaped gift box, the first thought that went through my mind was, my son would never become an artist. The second thought was, he might be failing Art throughout his schooling years. Then I saw the flower he coloured. And that reinforced my thoughts on his artistic talent, or the lack of it.

However, when I saw the look of anticipation on his upturned face, I did not have the heart to say what was on my mind. Instead, I spoke from my heart. “It’s beautiful, Matthew. MaMa loves it, thank you!” And it was true. I love his gifts, I truly do.

That was when I fully understood that in the eyes of the parents, nothing is more beautiful than their kids and their works of art and love.

That said, however, there is hope for Matthew’s future. An artist he may never become, but perhaps he could try body-building. If not, a comedian…


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