Matthew’s 3

Matthew’s arrival into our little family 3 years ago now seem like a lifetime to me. Looking back to my life without the kids, my memory fails me most of the time. Is this survival instinct that prevents me from remembering the “better” times, or have the kids really brought more meaning to life?

Both the Man and Matthew celebrated their birthday on Tuesday. The Man had to work that day, so it was just Matthew and I for most part of the day.

A simple celebration in school with Matthew’s friends.

Singing the birthday song was a serious and formal affair.

Matthew giving out presents to his friends. Matthew was both shy and happy to celebrate his birthday with a cake and presents for his friends. Hope his friends enjoyed the mini celebration and cake.

Brought Matthew for some water fun after his afternoon nap.

Followed by indulgent B&J’s ice cream with lots of colourful toppings. He loves the rainbow rice and balls.

Free play of toys on display at ToysRUs before heading to PoPo’s house for rice vermicilli for dinner.

Hope you enjoyed yourself, Matthew. MaMa did enjoy the quality time with you, very much…


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