Megan’s Recent Adventures

Ever since Megan mastered the art of walking at 12 months, there is no turning back. Now she walks everywhere, climbs at every chance she has onto sofas and beds, and even stands on tip toes to look over the table and reach out for things within her reach.

Taking care of her is a real challenge, as she is simply fearless. My heart is always in my mouth when I see her climb onto the sofa in 1 fluid movement, holds onto the back of the sofa and starts to bounce. Yes, bouncing on elevated surfaces is her new found hobby and she grabs every opportunity she has. While I cannot help but worry for her safety, I’m nevertheless reluctant to put a stop to her fearless and adventurous spirit.

Some of her recent adventures:

Walking and exploring on her own at West Coast Park, picking at leaves and sitting on the floor at will.

Exercising her muscles after sitting in the trolley for a long period.

Grabbing anything she could lay her hands on (her brother snatches everything away from her at every opportunity) and walking everywhere. She even salvages things from the dustbin, when no one is watching.

Enjoying herself at Andrelle’s birthday party. Waving balloons around as she explored the area.

Climbing up and down the stairs. She even attempted to drop down each step while holding on to us.

Grabbing toys from the toy box, without being shy.

The feisty girl’s latest ‘accomplishment’ – attempting to get out while being confined in the high chair. How not to love her spunk…


One comment

  1. janeeeee

    She looks like Matthew when she’s in her blue t-shirt. Is that your mum’s new house? Hiyah, I’m still waiting for my keys …

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