Outings are Fun

New experiences for Matthew and Megan this March – outings are fun!

Megan’s first trip to the Botanic Gardens. Yes, the city gal has her first feel of prickly grass. She sat there for a full 5 minutes without moving. Rare for an active gal.

Soon after she got used to the sensation of grass, she started grabbing fistfuls of grass and leaves on the ground, on the pretext of examining them.

When this was her ultimate goal – additional fibre for a healthy digestive system…

Matthew’s first outing with his classmates – Pasir Ris Park.

Matthew exploring the playground while Ah Yi clicked away.

 What’s an outing without kicking some ball around? Nevermind it’s actually a coconut. As long as it’s roundish, and kickable, it’s fun.

Time to re-fuel after much physical activity. A burger, and Ah Yi’s share of mashed potatoes.

Thank you Ah Yi for taking time off to accompany Matthew on his first outing, and taking many precious photos for his busy parents to oogle at… You’re a gem!


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