Wassup CNY 2010

The 3 days of Chinese New Year holidays came and went in a blur this year. This is the first year Megan is celebrating CNY, and the first for us with 2 kids in tow.

Being who we are, we survived the CNY visiting and socialising, but barely. We were so occupied by the kids’ demands that the camera was the last thing on our minds throughout the 3 days.

Managed some snapshots though:

As with our tradition, Matthew’s East meets West Outfit for the first day of CNY.

Megan’s outfit.

Practicing the art of holding the Ang Pows securely and respectfully. No prizes for guessing what’s got their full attention.

Then, the bad news. Matthew was the first to fall sick on the second day of CNY, followed by the Man. Megan was the worst hit, running a high fever on the fourth day.Thankfully she’s much better now.

CNY hasn’t ended yet though. Hope Mummy can work hard to capture more memories!


One comment

  1. Cheryl

    Poor Megan… But it’s no wonder due to the hot weather. Kenneth had diarrhoea too on Sunday… Bai tee gong day… almost “yao wo de ming”.

    Btw, who/what are they watching? Can’t guess…. 😛

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