Matt & Meg Jan 2010

Hello everyone! A simple update on what we GorGor and MeiMei have been up to recently.


A convenient vehicle to cart both Megan and I around at the same time. No wonder we’ve been going to supermarkets very often lately. I’m not complaining though. I get more space, and I even get to hug Mickey! 

My current favourite way of taking photographs. Cover my face so I will not be sabotaged during my wedding in 20 years’ time.

GorGor has fun, so do I. Do you know if you bite down on the side of the bottle and then make “ah” sounds, the echo will make me sound different? Cool eh…

The downside for being #2. GorGor put this on me and actually thinks it looks nice. Do I look happy to you??

GorGor has gotten into the habit of imitating my actions. He actually thinks it’s fun to pretend to be a baby. I, on the other hand, cannot wait to grow up.



Devils or angels depending on our moods no doubt, but we can make the adults happy. Aren’t we clever?


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