Christmas Weekend 2009

Bend your elbows outwards, rest your splayed fingers on either side of your stomach, inhale deeply, and shout “Santa, Santa, HO HO HO!”

That is Matthew’s way of telling you Christmas is here. And what an enjoyable (read: synonymous to exhausting for the Ang family) christmas we had. 3 and a half whooping days of activities, a great time to catch up with relatives and old friends.

On Christmas eve:

A special occasion to reward the ‘angel’. Most of the time.

On the actual day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

A suave (ahem, I’m the Mummy afterall; I can say what I want about my son) little grown-up who never fails to crack me up.

Who can blow happily for minutes a time; first air and sound, followed quickly by water (read: saliva)

Boxing Day was a day for friends:

Meeting up with Aunties Cheryl, Yulin and Leo. When a toddler’s bored, chewing on straws can chase the blues away.

And in the evening, dinner with Boon Shiang, Wendy, Keith & Joyce:

Cool! Another present!

A blue Comfort-Delgro taxi! My favourite! Thank you!

In the mood for love. Here Megan, your biscuit.

Oh, what is that? I wan to see!

Another present! I help you open it, Megan! I’m a handy helper!

The rightful owner and her Santas, Uncle Boon Shiang and Auntie Wendy.

Cheers all!


Hmm, wonder what’s next from Matthew? Cai Shen, Cai Shen (God of Prosperity), Fa, Fa, Fa (for Prosperity)?


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