Matthew Moments December 2009

Either we have been paying more attention to what Matthew is saying and doing, or his articulation has improved, we cannot be sure.

One thing we can be sure though; Matthew’s antics are hilarious at times. Other times he just drives me nuts.

Matthew Moments: (updated)

#1 Purple Bread

In the car home one night.

Me: Matt, remind MaMa to buy bread for breakfast tomorrow okay?

Matthew: MaMa, buy purple bread ok?

I bought ‘blue’ bread instead of purple. Little would I know I would suffer Matthew’s ‘wrath’ back in the car.

Matthew: I ask you buy purple bread why you buy blue bread??

Me (in my mind): wth??!! Gave him a good talking to for being insolent and he apologised. The Man was still laughing till today over this incident.


#2 – Difference Between Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep

Again in the car home. Finally bought ‘purple’ bread for breakfast.

Matthew (immediately bent over the loaf of bread and started making blowing sounds to the starting tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”): MaMa I playing flute. Can you guess what I playing?

Me: Ooh, are you playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

Matthew: No, I playing Baa Baa Black Sheep. You want to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep? (Ain’t both the same tune??)

So I sang “Baa Baa Black Sheep” while he blew audibly on his ‘flute’ to the tune. At the end of the performance, we smiled at each other and gave ourselves a round of applause.


#3 – Domestic Abuse

Bedtime. The Man turned to his side and accidentally banged his arm on the wardrobe loudly.

Matthew (immediately turned to me): MaMa, you cannot beat BaBa, okay? (Can you begin to understand why wth is my favourite phrase this month?)

Me (in defence): MaMa didn’t beat BaBa. BaBa accidentally knocked his arm on the wardrobe.

Matthew: BaBa knocked his arm on the wardrobe. BaBa, you okay?

The Man (trying his hardest to control his laughter): I’m okay Matt. Now good night.

Do I hear the Man still laughing over this incident? Please, I was the victim okay…


#4 – My Favourite GongGong

Matthew bullies his GongGong by making GongGong carry him on his way to and fro school. With me, he walks all the way. We once ‘scolded’ him for this, saying that GongGong is old and hasn’t much strength to carry him like this.

The Man: Huh, Matthew. Why do you keep asking GongGong to carry you all the time?

Matthew proceeded to run over to GongGong and hug his legs tightly.


GongGong was all smiles then, and said it’s okay, he will continue to carry Matthew. Seeing the heartwarming scene, nobody had the heart to point out to Matthew and GongGong that GongGong IS his one and only…


#5 – Parrot Ang

Matthew has started his idea of fun by imitating the Man, Megan and I.

This is the way MaMa wears her sunglasses:

And when MaMa stops at a traffic light in the morning, she has her sunglasses on and crosses her arms. She realises her actions because I’m her reflection.

Imitating Megan’s actions is real infuriating and funny at the same time.

When Megan hits the table in excitement, so do I because it’s fun. When she picks up food from the table, so do I. I just love being a parrot…


#6 – Megan or No Megan?

The kids’ grandaunties dropped by for a visit, inciting curiosity from Megan who stared at them intently the whole time. Matthew was the gracious host who handed them his books and toys.

When it was time for the grandaunties to take their leave, Grandauntie Zhu asked Matthew while carrying Megan;

Zhu: Matthew, can Zhu PoPo bring Megan home?

Matthew (rushed to bring Zhu PoPo her shoes): Can. Your shoes, go, go.

Zhu PoPo: Okay, bye.

Zhu PoPo slipped on her shoes and walked out of the house still carrying Megan.

Matthew (albeit a bit stunned): I want Megan…

Thank goodness Matthew still loves his sister a little bit…


#7 – Bring You Go See Doctor

The Man has a knotted muscle in his right shoulder and I was giving him a massage. At one time I was using both my elbows on his shoulders. Matthew was watching us all the time and decided to come towards us.

Matthew (using his elbows): MaMa, I give you massage.

Me: Thank you, Matt.

Matthew: Now I hmmall hmmall (small small) when I bigger I bring you go see doctor and put Vicks on your nose. (with that he leaned forward, swatted my nose with his finger, and ran away)

The Man: What was that?? What did he say?

He said alot in a single breath sometimes I find it hard to believe he’s only 2 years 7 months maybe other kids are more proficient in speech than him but I wouldn’t know because this is the first kid in our family who talks non-stop and you can never know what’s going to happen next because his imagination is so vivid and creative…

#8 – I Want t0 Change to Girl

It was just another evening home from PoPo’s house.

Matthew: MaMa I wan to wear hair clip.

Me: Erm, Matt, hair clips are only for girls you know. Boys don’t wear hair clips (I know it’s a sweeping statement)

Matthew: Then tomorrow I want to change to girl so I can wear hair clip.

Me (almost hyperventilating):  Erm, ahem, Matthew, you’ll always be a boy okay?



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