What’s Keeping Mummy Sane

My lovely ones who’ve been keeping me sane all this while. Smiles, sweet words and gestures are soothing balm to my weary soul.

My boys, right down to the identical cheekiness. You cannot tell they are 30 years apart.

People around me have been commenting that my 2 kids look alike.

I’m beginning to think they are right.

Seeing Megan’s excitement whenever Matthew is within sight, and watching Matthew share his toys (albeit much nagging and cajoling) sends a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes the weariness go away instantly.

Matthew said something that broke my heart last night, “MaMa, are you happy with me?”

Looking back at him on the rocking horse 20 months ago, I cannot believe how much Matthew has grown.

Of course I am happy, silly boy. You light up my life. And you all complete it…  


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