Breakfast Hunts

The Man and I have been out and about on a hunting mission on Sunday mornings.

Our target: cafes around Singapore that serve Western breakfast / brunch. Some hits and some misses, but hey, it’s the company that counts right? Yes Matthew and Megan, we’re talking about you.

Epicurious at the Quayside was our first stop. The Man loved the Eggs Benedict.

I had the Cheese Soldiers, or I think that was what it was called. Cheesy and wholesome. I liked it.

Smoked salmon Eggs Benedict at Prive, Marina at Keppel Bay. The eggs were over-cooked and not runny at all.

Eggs Benedict and Carrot Cake at Marriot Hotel. The Man had the under-cooked and too-runny egg, while I had the over-cooked one. The carrot cake… the most expensive I’ve ever, ever eaten my whole life. Luckily it tasted good.

We also visited other places like Cafe Hacienda at Demsey and Graze at Rochester Park, but in my ravenous state, I forgot to take photographs before the food disappeared. Time to have New Year resolutions… 


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