Matthew’s Perculiarity

The Man and I have long ago decided that our son has inherited the personality quirks from both of us. We have thus started pointing fingers (or claiming credit, whichever works in our favour) while we watch his personality reveal itself.

This particular behaviour of Matthew that is displayed frequently in recent times has both our characteristics. The Man, with his penchant for neatness, combined with my inclination for everything to be linear resulted in this:

Cushions lined up in a straight line, with a toy on top of each.

Toy cars parked neatly with no ‘walking space’ in between vehicles.

Books lined side by side (not to mention blocking the entire walkway)

And the ultimate: Bread clips sorted by size and arranged in a straight line (hmm, if it were up to me, I would have sorted by colour as well).

More obsessive compulsive behaviour…

Round bowls in a circle. Now that’s something new….

So, what you’re seeing is the real thing. All the above has been solely done by Matthew. There had been no other human intervention nor was there any photo editing magic.

How not to love my quirky son…


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