Trick or Treat in Hong Kong

The wait was finally over. The trip the Man and I had been planning for months had come and gone in a flash.

With the trip behind us, Matthew ended his tirade of “I wan (to) go Dineylan thee Mickey, Minnie, Dornad, Daithy, Bludo, but not Goofy” ever since we told him of the upcoming trip to Disneyland a couple of months ago.

Some memorable moments from our memorably disasterous (emotionally) trip with a cranky kid who endured entire days with only a short shut-eye in the afternoon, only to lash out at us for making him go without sleep.

I was a Good Boy for 4 Minutes

Happier moments right after we boarded the aircraft. Four minutes later (as shown by the Disaster himself), everything went downhill. His “I only want BaBa, never MaMa” antics lasted the entire trip and back.

HK International Airport Pumpkin Village

It’s Halloween and the HK International Airport had a little Pumpkin Village for Matthew to run about in while we waited impatiently for the coach ride to the hotel.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

May I take your order, Sir? Would you like Mickey, Minnie, or Me?

We Were Really There

The arduous walk in without the stroller. What to do with a kid who has legs but refused to walk?

Jack & the Entrance

It’s Halloween Month in HK Disneyland. Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas lounging at the entrance, mentally counting the “Ka-ching Ka-chings”…

Sally & the Other Entrance

While Sally smiles languidly at the excited tourists who braved the heat just to see Mickey & his gang.

I Love the Green Elephant

Matthew’s favourite ride, on the (green) flying elephant, Dumbo. He rode on it 3 times in 2 days, each time telling Daddy to “I wan higher, higher”. Our worry for Matthew refusing to try the rides was dispelled as he gamely tried all the selected rides. Though he wanted out for some of the rides, he still sat through till the end bravely without any fuss.

Waiting for the Halloween Parade to Start

There was a special Halloween parade in the evening. Here we were waiting and waiting for it to start.

Jack Skellington

Excellent rock music, dazzling lights and dance displays. Especially captivating were the use of glow-in-the-dark effects to bring out the whole Halloween ambience. More glow-in-the-dark items could be on sale though. I digress.

A Wait Worthwhile

Day 2 at HK Disneyland. We got baked in the sun just to capture these moments with Mickey & Minnie.

The Wait that was Longer than the Rides

And Matthew’s current favourite, Donald Duck. The wait to have a photo moment with the characters was longer than queuing for the rides. Though a theme park that was not crowded took away some of the magic and ambience, we’re not complaining though.

Venturing Out of Disneyland

I needed more retail therapy than Disney stuff (especially with so few glow-in-the-dark items). We ventured out to Tsim Sha Tsui for some hurried shopping. In the Disney MTR. Matthew looking zombified because of too much stimulation and too little rest.

Halloween Themed Dinner 1

We went back to Disneyland for a second night of fireworks display. Tried out their Halloween-themed set dinner. Minestrone soup with a spider (deep-fried squid ink noodles).

I'm Afraid of no Spider

Matthew breaking the legs of the spider and eating them. Boys will be boys…

Halloween Themed Dinner 3

Halloween Themed Dinner 2

The main courses that looked way better than they tasted.

Mickey Mouse is Bigger than Me

The poor boy hardly ate in the 3 days we were in Hong Kong. No wonder Mickey is bigger sized than he is. The best food we had this trip? Bread from the normal bakery at the Tung Chung MTR station, after our Ngong Ping Cable Car (Disaster) ride.

It's a Bat

Though we had our share of frustrations and exhaustion, it was a wonderful trip for us all. Till the next time, Batty, we’ll be back!



  1. janeeeee

    Hi Ann,

    Your report makes the trip sounds disastrous! Practice going abroad a few more times and I’m sure each trip (with a todd/baby) will get better with time, hehee…

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