My Weird GorGor

Psst, come closer while I tell you a secret. I may be on all fours, but I cannot crawl to you yet, you see.

See ya

I have a funny GorGor, you know? You don’t? I’ll show you…

Ooh, Cooling!

That’s him taking off his sock after his shoe came off. A normal GorGor will just put his shoe back on, right?


He wheels his swimming float about. And the float’s supposed to last till I get to use it??

Makeshift Crown

A stand-up menu becomes a crown to him.

Posing with his Toys

He loves vehicle and cooking toys equally. Those are his new Lego rubbish collection truck and vegetables beside me.


Speaking of new toys, how come I don’t have any…

I'm not weird

Back to the topic of my GorGor being weird, don’t you agree?

Me, weird too you say? Nah, I’m as normal as normal can be…


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