New Acquisitions

In a  span of 5 days, the kids have acquired some new things.

Incomplete Lego Family

The Man went beserk at a Lego Sale last Friday, and bought enough to last till Matthew’s next birthday. Introducing Matthew’s incomplete family (for now, more to come) with a bus – (from left to right) Matthew, GongGong, MeiMei, and BaBa.

Pink Dolphins

No, Matthew doesn’t exactly like pink that much. Souvenirs from the Pink Dolphin Lagoon – Big one for Matthew, small one for Megan officially. Unofficially, Matthew has claimed both dolphins for himself.

Meg's New Footstool

Megan has migrated to front-sitting, in a bid to offer more ‘view’ as distraction to remain seated. Views may change, but a comfortable footstool is always a must.

Chocolate Moustache

For some strange reason, Matthew is never a fan of ice cream. He is, however, a huge fan of the biscuit cones. This is how he might look like if he keeps a moustache in future.

Meg's Big Smile

The happiest of all that happened? Catching Megan’s big smile on camera. Finally, and about time too Ms Ice Queen!


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