What We’ve Been Up To

Psst, Megan

Psst Megan, shall we help Mummy update on our recent happenings?

Megan's Giraffe

Ok GorGor, I’ll go first. Daddy bought me a Giraffe which Mummy loves very much. So do I. It’s ears, eyes and nose have already been drenched with my saliva. It now smells like me. That’s how much I love it.

The Butterfly

I’ve been doing alot of exercises. Swimming the Butterfly style is just one of my recent favourites. I’m also very fascinated with something the adults say are my toes. I keep grabbing them for fun.

I'm a Docta

Nah Megan, you don’t know what’s fun yet. Check out my new toy! The adults call it a skipping rope. I tried jumping up and down with it, but it just doesn’t seem right. I think the adults got it wrong. It’s actually a stethoscope. Hmm speaking of my stethoscope, I wonder where it is now…

What's Next

We’re done for now, GorGor. What shall we play with next?

Let me think about it, Megan. We’ll call for another meeting soon, when I’m bored.


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