She is Heavy, but She is my Sister

4 months on, Matthew seems resigned to the fate that he is no longer always the centre of attention, that sometimes adults have to shower some attention to his younger sister. Nevertheless, he still tries his hardest to make sure attention, any kind, is directed on him.

Hence it is heartwarming to see him help to take care of Megan, be it patting her when she’s crying, or waving her toys in front of her face to calm her down, or singing to her. Megan, on the other hand, has her eyes trained on her brother, and follows his every action. These sweet moments always bring a smile to my face, and a fuzzy feeling through my body, reinforcing my existence.

Caution: the following action should not be carried out without adult supervision, and is best carried out with an older kid and a smaller-sized baby.  Size does matter.

Meimei I've got you

I want to carry Meimei, but… I cannot I cannot…


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