Cot Business

Matthew’s seldom-used cot is proving to be a hit with Megan. Not only does she have  her personal space, we also have a peace of mind knowing she is safe (from Matthew’s enthusiastic cuddles, pats and whatever little boys do to show affection or displeasure).

Little do we know she’s her own boss in the cot:

Sleeping Soundly

Striking different poses while she sleeps and not caring a hoot who’s watching,

Meg the Contortionist

and showing off how flexible she is.

We line the sides of her cot with bedding to prevent her from grinding against the wood when she wriggles about, even in her sleep. She doesn’t complain we’re limiting her field of view or activity. She adapts.

TV Addict

Peeking above the bedding to secretly watch TV (without making a sound so we thought she was sleeping)

Aint Ladylike 

Comfortable foot rest? You bet…


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