Gentleness Ain’t in Our Genes

I have always been more boyish growing up, and lack the gentleness other girls seem to possess naturally. The Man is no Sensitive New Age Guy either.

Is it any surprise then, that both our kids seem to be lacking gentleness in their personalities?

Minding my Own Business

Megan biting the chair that seats her, while Matt has his bum in the air.

Cutting My Toenails

Close up on what Matthew was doing – I’m ‘cutting’ my toenails like GongGong, complete with a newspaper to contain the ‘mess’ and a ‘toenail cutter’ in my hand.

Leg is Up for Comfort

Matthew’s usual sitting position, with 1 knee up for comfort. Nobody sits like this at home whenever he is around. It must be in the genes…

Leotards and High Socks

Megan is no sweet young thing either. You can probably tell that her parents grew up in the 80’s, where leotards and high socks were the in-thing.

Eyeball to Tako

What are you looking at? So what your eyes are bigger than mine?

I Bite You

This will show you who’s Boss. I bite you!


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