What is Wrong with the Picture?

Poppy Cat and Friends

Is anything amiss in the picture above?

Yes there is. We never noticed it after reading the story so many times to Matthew. Here’s Matthew the Detective to solve the mystery.

Matthew loves this book about colours, borrowed from the library, and pesters us to read it to him everyday. Last Friday night, it was one of the many reading sessions but something else happened.

Me: Poppy Cat loves red wibbly-wobbly jellies.

Matthew: Rabbit dun like eat jelly.

Me: Oh, how come? There are big red jellies in front of Poppy Cat and Rabbit, and a smaller jelly for Mouse.

Matthew: Rabbit got no (s)poon how to eat jelly.

Prolonged silence hung in the air while the Man and I looked at each other with widened eyes over Matthew’s head. Then our heads snapped back to scrutinise the picture more closely.

Lo and behold, there was really no spoon for Rabbit! Sigh, the power of youth, and perfect vision…


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