What’s the Rush, Ma’m?

Fetching Matthew to school every morning has been my vacation job for 2 months nows. I’m ashamed to say that after 2 months, I am still learning to be patient with the slowest, most easily distracted 2yo kid I have ever encountered.

We reach the school each morning with my nerves frayed and Matthew slightly stoned because there is so much to see and ask. Getting Matthew to climb out of the car and carry his bag takes a couple of minutes, and walking Matthew to the school takes another few minutes as we hop, point out objects, and call out greetings to his friends and strangers.

Other caregivers arrive at the same time with their charges or later, and I admire the ease they are handling the situation.

Once the other toddlers arrive at the school entrance, their shoes are taken off by their caregivers. By the time they walk barefoot to the teacher taking their temperature, their shoes are neatly in the shoe cabinets. Then their school bags are handled over to the teacher by the gate and off they go into the school after saying their goodbyes.

These children are already guided into their classes and their caregivers have left long ago, but Matthew will still be sitting on the floor, watching them while he attempts to take off his shoes. And in my heart I keep willing Matthew to hurry up, hurry up slow coach.

By the time Matthew sits down, takes off his shoes, stands up, carries his shoes to the shoe cabinet, puts down his shoes, opens the cabinet, brings up his shoes, puts them in the shoe cabinet, closes the cabinet, adjusts his bag across his shoulders and finally waves goodbye to me (after repeating myself several times as everything is a distraction to him), his useless mummy is already tired out with the mental assault of the whole journey.

Why do I make things difficult for myself, I ask? Take for example this particular mummy. She parks her car in between 2 parking lots and kills the engine. Then she carries her kid’s bag in her arms, opens the passenger door and reaches in to carry her kid into her arms. She then proceeds to walk very briskly with her 5yo kid in her arms all the way up to the school. What great stamina she has!  She sets her kid down to help take off his shoes and for his temperature to be taken while she keeps his shoes. She then carries him up again to the school gate a few paces away. She is then free to  hurry off to work, all in 5 minutes.

Though I feel breathless just looking at her rush around like that, I cannot help but admire her effiiciency. I really make things difficult and tedius for myself and Matthew. I’m such a mean mother, but I am not willing to change my ways. Things will definitely change when I go back to work and will no longer be able to fetch Matthew to school, and I feel a great sense of loss…


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