Conversation with 25MO Matthew

In a few years’ time, typewritten in Matthew’s report book under the “Conduct” column might be these words: Easily distracted and talkative in class.

The Man asked me: “When you were assembling Matthew, you did not add in the ‘stop button’ huh?”

Oops, I guessed I did not.

Nowadays, Matthew will talk and talk till the cows come home and he will still carry on. He even sits up and talks in his sleep at night, jolting me awake on numerous occasions.

Apparently, there are lots of things a 25 month old toddler can talk about. He talks to anybody and everybody in sight, repeats his questions a zillion times until you are forced to reply him.

Some of his more ‘classic’ topics recently:

Incident 1: Getting Matthew mentally prepared to have a hair cut.

Me: Matt, PoPo will bring you downstairs to 剪头发 (for a hair cut) ok?

Matt (rubbing his hair): I dun wan to  剪头发, Matthew hair pretty.

After his initial reluctance however, Matthew still sat through the entire hair triming session quietly, with a sweet in his hand as bribe.

Comb my Hair

Insisiting on using a comb after his haircut

Incident 2: Trapped in a car ride home with Matthew

Matthew: I want MaMa sing ‘Twinkle Little Tar’

Me: Mummy is driving, you sing for Mummy ok?

Matthew (chanting): Twin-kle, twin-kle little tar, (pointing to something outside the window) OH a BIRD! Bird drop down on the floor. How I wonder what you are. Up above the ky so high, like a diamond in the ky.

I shudder to think about the comments in the report book at this point. Easily distracted…

Incident 3: Squeezing onto the bed beside Megan

Matthew (while climbing onto the bed where Megan is resting): Matthew sleep beside MeiMei.

The Bed Seems Too Small

Matthew: MeiMei, be careful my leg.

How bossy can Matthew get?? I pity Megan who would have to put up with her brother’s unreasonable requests from now on.

P.S. I think I forgot to add in the ‘stop button’ when assembling Megan too. Oops…


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