Major Overhaul

A big thanks to the small group of kind-hearted souls who have been following my blog. Your support gives me the motivation to keep on writing.

I’m faced with a big problem now that has left me frustrated and depressed. You might have noticed that virtually all the photos I’ve put up in my earlier posts have all gone missing. Due to some technical glitch (who else can I put the blame on?), the photos are all gone now and can never be retrieved.

The photos are gone. Which leaves me with only 2 options: give up and leave blanks in almost all my posts, or start all over again and replace those photos.

The first option did cross my mind, when I was crying in frustration and heartache for the lost photos, and asking myself why must I be punished for doing extra work by replacing the photos?

After the initial shock and immense disappointment, I have decided to embark on the journey of replacing the photos. This personal project is estimated to take months of poring through my photos, guessing the correct ones since I cannot remember which was which, and probably re-writing some of these posts. I will continue with new posts and update the pages though.

Stay tuned for the revamp, and wish me the strength to see through it all…



  1. Cheryl

    Even without reading which options you will take, I already know you’ll be the hardworking one… 🙂 hehehe… Anal… 😛 just kidding.

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