Living with a Baby Girl

Although Matthew is now 2 years old, I feel like a first time mother with Megan.

All because she is a girl. No, it’s not because I prefer boys to girls. It’s just that Megan is so… girly.

Thinking real hard back to the time when Matthew was still a baby (and forgetting most of what had happened), I really don’t remember Matthew behaving so girly like Megan now. Which I must be thankful for.

It’s just amazing (and fun) to see the difference in behaviour in my two kids:

Manly Matthew

This was how Matthew napped at 2 months old.

Posing in my Sleep

And this is how Megan sleeps at almost 2 months old.

Megan is just shy

I find it amusing that Megan finds time to pose while she sleeps.

Having said all, I regret to say that kids are meant to disprove everything they say in textbooks about dimorphism at times:

Matthew is handsome, not pretty

Am I pretty? 


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