Labour of Love

Elmo Says Happy Birthday

This year’s Labour Day was on a Friday, which meant birthday celebrations for the Man and Matthew lasted the entire weekend.

It was truly a labourious weekend for the family, but I like to think that everyone enjoyed the time spent with each other.

We started the ball rolling with a zoo visit on Labour Day.

Quick Before the Show Starts

While waiting for the show “The Rainforest Fights Back” to start. It is difficult to get Matthew to stay still for a photo nowadays.

I'm Tired

Matthew was cranky most of the time at the zoo. Managed to capture this photo in the midst of Matthew’s infamous “I dun wans”.

2 May 2009: Shopping in the day, followed by a simple dinner cum cake-cutting session at PoPo’s house.


A cake specially for the birthday boys, cars and lots of chocolate. Lots of love, from Ah Yi.

Matthew Loves Cake

Matthew had a whole piece of (chocolate) cake and ate it with gusto.

4 May 2009: The Boys’ Big Day

Cars and Boys

It’s their big day, but Daddy has to go to work and Matthew to school. Posing with their (dream?) cars.

May 2009 24 mo

Unfortunately, Matthew has got a fever and sore throat from too much chocolate cake and was not allowed to go to school. He still finds time to monkey around at home though, despite his discomforts.

May all your wishes come true Daddy, and Matthew, enjoy the year ahead, while we count down to your 3rd! Love you both!


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