To be fair to Matthew, he is going through a difficult period in his life. He has just started to learn the power of language, repeatings sentences and talking non-stop, and challenging authority with his endless “I dun wans” that’s enough to drive us crazy. There is no peace at all whenever he is around, and he demands everyone’s full attention on him, or else suffer the consequences.

His latest addition to his barrage of “I dun wans”, unfortunately, includes his Mei Mei. “I dun wan Mei Mei” (repeat 5 consecutive times for the full effect). Whenever he powers up with this sentence, it makes me both frustrated and disappointed. You mean I went through so many months of pregnancy just to hear that all the time? I must be out of my mind!

Having said that, there are occasional sweet moments from the terrible two-er like:

“I wan hug Mei Mei” Now.

“I wan carry Mei Mei”

Quick! Snap a pic of my success please!

No doubt such moments are heartwarming and sweet, but being the cynic, I cannot help but wonder if Matthew actually thinks Megan is a doll that looks fun to carry and hug. Will the siblings love each other dearly when they grow up? Only time will tell…


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