I Survived the Past Month

Confinement is a terrible period for a woman who has endured 9 months of pregnancy. This is no way to reward someone who has done her national duty!

I shall not dwell on the month that has past by in a flash, that is, if I can get past feeling the aches and pains, and skip looking at the mirror completely. The pale looking face with dark eye circles cannot be me!

Some updates on my two babies:

The  Baby:

Fresh out of her Warmer

Megan fresh out of the warmer.

 After Her Bath

Fresh out of a cooling bath, at almost 3 weeks old.

The BIG Baby:

Matt says Hi

Matthew at almost 2 years old, is now acting like a baby. The beginning of sibling rivalry? Gosh.

Am I Cuter?

Acting cute agin. How not to love this Big baby…


One comment

  1. Cheryl

    Oh hey!!! Thanks for finally coming out from the cave. 🙂 How’s being mummy to 2 gorgeous kids? Must be feeling fabulous… 🙂

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