Hitching a Ride from Daddy

As the big day looms nearer, I find myself becoming more emotional (how that is humanly possible eludes me). I become touched over the slightest thing easily, and I try to choose happy thoughts to fill my mind.

Simplicity is the key to happiness. Within simplicity, happiness comes in small packages:

Big Boy Ride

My two boys monkeying around at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, 21 Feb 09.

Matthew is a cautious boy who takes a while to warm up to things in general, even to a game of riding on Daddy’s shoulders. Squeamish at first as he is being lifted high up into the air. Then ticklish as his thighs brush against Daddy’s hair. Only when he feels secure seated on Daddy’s broad shoulders does he relax and break into wides smiles and throaty laughs. But he never forgets safety comes first, as he holds onto Daddy’s head tightly.

My 21-month boy has grown so tall. Looking at him sitting on his Daddy’s shoulders makes me smile from behind the camera, my heart expanding with love and happiness for the both of them.

Flashback moments:

Still Safety First

Approximately 9-month old Matthew chuckling away while hitching a ride on Daddy. Notice the placement of his hands? Safety first.

Tight Fisted

First ride on Daddy’s shoulders at 7 months. A little unsure, and the tightly fisted hands. Again, safety first. Some things have not changed after 1 year.

I have forgotten how chubby Matthew was when he was younger, compared to the leaner and taller boy he is now, who is always on the move. Memories to put a smile on my face throughout the day…


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