Eventful Chinese New Year 2009

Just when the Lunar New Year has almost ceased to make any impact on the Man and I as jaded adults, along came goofy Matthew to make it meaningful again. And this year, he made it extra fun and eventful (nevermind about the sore muscles and leaden brains), transporting us back to our childhood days, where the Lunar New Year was filled with happiness, otherwise forbidden goodies, and not forgetting the ang pows.

Prelude (Part 1):

LSK CNY Celebrations

Matthew’s school invited parents and kids to a CNY potluck party on Friday evening, 23 Jan 09. That’s Matthew’s classroom in the background.

Adults Make Firecrackers

While the older children were roped in to help set up the place for the feast later, the parents and 4 toddlers were busy in the classroom, getting ready to make fire-crackers. This was the scene 1 minute after we were all ushered in. For the rest of the 15 minutes, only the adults were left dutifully crafting the fire-crackers.

Cooking is My Cup of Tea

2 of the toddlers remained in their seats smearing craft glue all over the table, red packets, toilet rolls and their parents/grandparents. 1 toddler ran off outside the classroom, leaving her mother hard at work on the fire-crackers. Matthew? He was busy making imaginary milo in a cup with a fork for his teachers, PoPo and me. Hot milo which required dramatic blowing and ice adding before it could be served.

Many parents and children of the entire school turned up for this CNY potluck party. There was hardly space to sit. But the happy faces all around showed the event was a success. Matthew got to enjoy his favourite fishballs and strawberry jelly and was satisfied.

Prelude (Part 2)

Dong Dong Chiang

Matthew has a love-fear relationship with the lion in the traditional lion dance. He’s always asking “Dong Dong Chiang where?”, but is extremely cautious and fearful of the noise generated by the loud drums and cymbals. We found silent lions on display at the Jurong Point 2 and Matthew could not resist touching the lion’s fur.

1st day of CNY 26 Jan 09

Gong Xi Fa CAi

Matthew’s greeting everyone “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, but spoken in a whisper. You either had to put your ear right next to his mouth to hear them, learn to lip-read, or just pretend to know what he was saying.

2nd day of CNY 27 Jan 09

My Jeep My Way

At NaiNai’s place. Matthew was demonstrating to his older cousin how to operate the jeep.

It is difficult to imagine how much Matthew has grown in the span of a year. Time really flies when you’re watching kids grow up. This was Matthew during Chinese New Year 2008. And a year later,

Huat Ah!

Matthew’s attempting to lift off the floor and wishing everyone “Gong Xi Gong Xi!!” at the same time. See you next year!


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