Updates on the Quirky, Cheeky Chap

If there is ever a period of our lives that will undergo an exponential developmental curve, I reckon it’ll be at Matthew’s age now. Then again, human beings probably go through a few of such rapid developmental periods, but to truly see it as parents is an eye-opener.

Here’s what the little cheeky chap was up to for the past month:

The Attention Seeker

The Bubblegun Man and his son enjoyed quality bonding time over bubbles (beer next, maybe?) at the Botanic Gardens on the last Saturday of 2008.

The Bubblegun Man soon attracted a crowd of about 10 excited bubble followers and their camera-flashing parents. Matthew, having lost his father’s attention to the mob, looked on resignedly from a distance. For only a short while.

Not one to resign to fate that easily, Matthew soon had his Daddy’s attention again. First, he went up to Daddy indicating he wanted to poop. Daddy immediately thrust the bubblegun into my hand and went toilet-hunting with Matthew. I was thus left alone to satisfy the bubble chasers’ desire to destroy all bubbles in sight. It sure didn’t feel good to be mobbed by blood bubble-thirsty toddlers and their eager parents…

It was a false poop-alarm. By the time Daddy and Matthew came back, I had already exhausted the bottle of bubbles and the crowd had dispersed. To make up for lost attention, Matthew resorted to a last trick before we left the place.

While we were busy packing up the ground sheet and took our eyes off Matthew for a while, he stealthily picked up an uneaten piece of bread thrown onto the grass earlier to attract birds, and stuffed it into his mouth at lightning speed. When I turned to look at him and gasped in shock at the bread sticking out of the corner of his mouth, he stuck out his thumb and said “Good”. So he was the elusive bird we had been trying to lure? We burst out laughing at the hilarity of the situation.

The Drama King

Act 1: Conducting his first orchestra of 2009 on 3 Jan

Act 2: Topspeed riding on a Harley-Davidson Lego bike

Enjoying a water break and photo session with the fans. Acting is tiring business…

The Animal Tamer

After a hard day’s work, how better to recharge oneself than to curl up with animals (spot the bear) and march off to lala-land in grand fashion?

Yup, that’s our goofy boy…


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