The Only Other Way is Up

I hit rock bottom yesterday, and ricocheted my way up a few notches today.

This is inexplainably insane, my roller coaster ride of emotions. I did not remember being so crazy on the inside, or I have just become more aware of myself with age and experience?

Good dinner company helped in my recovery I think. There was the usual comaraderie and catching up with ex-colleagues-turned-friends. The entire ex-department of foodies who especially love Japanese cuisine is such a rarity, and I love them for sharing my interest. We also missed you, Karen. Hope you’re enjoying marital bliss all the way across the world.

I’m getting sentimental reminiscing the good old times we spent over fabulous lunches of fish head soup noodles, chicken rice, beef noodles, tze tcar and ice cream back at our little pantry (my desk) in the office. Our department of 8 slightly-crazed, but fun-loving people has now dwindled to 4, soon to be 3, then 2 remaining members.

Only 2 of us have made clean breaks from the industry; others have just moved on to greener pastures. What alot of difference 1 year and 2 months made! I am looking forward to our next Wii session together. In February, confirmed yeah? Can we feast as well?

Thanks friends! I am so glad I’m out of the dark, dark bottom…


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