Name that Body Part, Baby

I’ve let my Biology teachers down. I’m ashamed to tell people I majored in Biology. The knowledge I gained have been burnt to ashes in my mind, and flushed down the mental toilet.

It’s never too late to learn though. That is what I am doing everyday now. Learning the anatomy of my body. Taught by the School of Life.

Student, you feel that? That’s your bladder, remember its position in your body, as you waddle as fast as your legs can carry you to the toilet. Cannot remember? Here’s another kick to it. There, got it?

Ooh, and that would be your stomach, where food is digested next after the mouth. Can you feel the gastric juices swooshing about as the punch reaches it?

Ouch, the Stomping Kick is a tad too hard, but that body part would be the cervix. Can you feel the muscle clench? *Stomp* This is the bladder, and *Stomp* this is the cervix. They may be near to each other, but notice the subtle difference in the positions?

You are absoultely correct! The grinding feeling you get comes from the hip bone. The right side to be exact.

Sharp pain when you walk? That would be the pelvic bone.

Something muscular beating very fast and feels like it’s coming out of your mouth? That would be the heart. It may have shifted its position, but it will never come out of your windpipe, silly.

 That’s about all we can learn for the day. We’ll revise tonight, tomorrow and the weeks to come. Excuse me, I’ve got to waddle to the toilet. My bladder’s been assulted again…


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