A Little Love for Strawberries and Drama

Life is tiring with an active toddler who has a mind of his own, but the adults get rewarded from watching his antics and getting a good belly laugh. He has entertained us far more than we have entertained him so far.

His refusal to smile for the camera results in these:

Gasp! You want me to smile for the funny red light?

It’s the red light again. No…

What? Some more? Aren’t you adults sick of all these?

Enough is enough! Give me a break!

No picture-perfect photograph to blackmail the kid in the future? Fret not, because we being evil parents who demand entertainment, there are ways around the situation.

In Sun Tzu’s words, know your enemy and know yourself. I love strawberries, and so does Matthew. Hence:

First, bribe with some strawberry milkshake, which I will get to enjoy afterwards as well.

Next, a strawberry pie. And you’ll be rewarded with a hint of a smile. Mission considered accomplished.  

Eventually, nothing but a spontaneous pose to throw you off guard, and show the adults who’s the real Boss. This beats any choreographed shot, hands down. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter anymore who gets the last laugh…


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