2 Busy Weekends Came and Went

Without us really realising how fast time went, save for the constant reminders from our aching muscles, and smaller-than-small excuse for eyes we could hardly keep open.

While we were working during the weekdays, we were cracking our brains at night to think of places to bring Matthew to in this cosily small island we reside in. Saturday, Sunday, *gasp*, Saturday, Sunday again. Where to go, what to do?

Did you just say stay at home? No, no, the time slows down every time we’re at home, and we would run out of books to read, and out of energy trying to stop Matthew’s lightning-fast hands from opening all the cupboards, and pulling out all our worldly possessions. The only way out is to leave the home. At least he has more than 2 harassed-looking-and-feeling adults for entertainment.

These were 2 of the places we went over the past 2 weekends:

13 December 2008, Toddlers and parents’ gathering:

Who else has got the balls?

The kitchen’s for authorised personnel only. No admittance to adults.

Doing the Saturday Night Fever with bubbles. Suave?

Hey pretty JieJie, no more colouring date with me? I can chase Mummy away if you want…

20 December 2008, Botanic Gardens:

Male bonding time.

Daddy, we’re walking too fast. Here, let me help you with the bag…

See? That’s much better, at least Mummy’s catching up. Finally.

We survived! 2 full weekends which also included a trip to the swimming pool, shopping and dining out. 4 days filled with fun, laughter, tears, meltdowns and Tiger Balm muscle rubs. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!  


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