Baby, Remove the Straw from Mummy’s Brain

Now, what was I supposed to be talking about? Ah, forgetfulness. Right.

I’ve always taken pride in my ability to remember things when I was younger. People I’ve met before reappear with a name tag and when I’ve met them above their heads. I could even recognise people from the back!

Remembering telephone numbers was another forte or mine, until they invented the mobile phone. After that, any number 4 digits and below was easy, and this ‘talent’ came in useful when comparing prices for groceries and toiletries, the sort of things that came with marriage, living on your own, and spending your own hard-earned money.

Just when I’ve started taking my good memory for granted, I jinxed myself at the age of 26. With Pregnancy. That was when I noticed a significant drop in the number of brain cells designated for memory. Then along came motherhood. Sure, dates of vaccinations and check-ups were burnt into my brain. But what type of vaccinations Matthew has gone through needs to be refreshed by flipping through the well-thumbed health booklet.

Just when things are starting to look a bit brighter in the department of memory recovery, I’ve done it again. This time, coupled with older age, is much worse. I cannot remember faces anymore. Every time I walk past a familiar face, I would be thinking to myself that I have seen this person from somewhere, sometime ago. The next moment, I would have forgotten what I was thinking about, much less a familiar face.

Buying groceries and toiletries now require pre-planning a few days before. The shopping list needs to be written down and gone over a few times to make sure I have gotten the essentials down. Next comes the daunting task of putting the list somewhere prominent so I would not forget to take it along when shopping. If not, the shopping experience becomes a torture as we would have to go through aisle after aisle until I spot something remotely familiar.

No need to start worrying for my child(ren) and family. I retain overall control of my brain, and I  still remember them, and important dates and occasions associated with them. It’s just the other daily tasks and events that I have trouble with. More fish oil, perhaps?

Since it’s nearing Christmas, I only have 1 wish for Santa. All I want for Christmas is my memory back please.

Now, excuse me while I try to recall if I have taken my vitamins today…


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