Is an 18-month old Eligible to Work?

Singapore is in a technical recession now.  The recent bombardment of news on retrenchments, wage freezes and the increasing unemployment rate have been gving us nightmares, potent enough to make us startle awake in the middle of the night, soaked in perspiration.

Okay, exaggerated on the soaked-in-perspiration part. Nevertheless, it got us thinking when Matthew can start getting a job and stop living off his poor parents.

Hmm, would anyone employ an 18-month old boy? Maybe we can try the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, or Southeast Asia’s first Universal Studios theme park at Sentosa.

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. Construction in progress.

Let’s see. He has the following capabilities in providing Customer Service:

When visitors ask for directions, he can direct them. Jackpot machines? “Go there, go there!”

Waving and saying “Bye-bye!” when visitors leave. Doing it with a smile is important, especially when visitors leave with less money in their wallets.

Or be a model at the souvenir shop. Wear the merchandise for the visitors’ viewing while asking “美吗?” (Ain’t it pretty?) to convince them to buy, buy and buy more.

Be a promoter at the souvenir shop. This brand of sun screen works fantastically! For optimum results, squeeze a coin-sized drop onto your palm, rub your palms together, then…

apply it onto your face like this.

How about giving a shot as a chef apprentice? He certainly can cook, serve up the food in proper dining ware and instructing the diner to “Eat”

Well, with the economic crisis, we have no choice but to start thinking of job opportunities suitable for Matthew. Especially when he seems to have his sight on:

A Volkswagon?! That early?! *Gasp*


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