I Will Survive… And I Survived…

Battered and bruised. But still I survived. Not entirely alone, but it still counted for something right? No?

Well, the story goes. Mum went overseas with her friends for a much needed break. From taking care of Matthew. So I became a temporary stay-at-home-mum for 3D3N, technically.

Yes, yes. Only 3D3N? Scoff all you want, but these past few days were definitely a challenge for me. Me, being the unfit person that I have always been. Me, who has back problems for a decade or so already. So dealing with a boy of about 83cm tall is not an easy feat, as it involves lots of squatting and getting up from the floor.

Anyway, no surprises that the clingy crab wanted me to do almost everything for him, from carrying to feeding to bathing to changing to washing to cooking… Gosh the list could really go on. So I did all that, though not without the trusty help of Sis and Dad on occasions I really needed. Thanks everyone! Appreciate all your help!

Well, Mum is back (Hip Hip Hooray!) and I am back at work. Nursing a limp in my left leg, and an ache that has colonised my lower back up to my shoulders. But the bond between Matthew and I seemed to have grown stronger by a teeny weeny bit over the past few days, and I feel very loved, abeit the physical aches.

The good thing that came out of the few days spent frustratingly lovingly in each other’s company is Matthew woke up in the middle of the night and cried for me! That had to be the first! And I kind of enjoy being needed by somebody else. But above all, I absolutely love the way his face lights up and he breaks into his goofy smile when he sees me.

To think I had been dreading my temporary SAHM status before it happened. I guess it wasn’t THAT bad after all…


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